The Cool Kids (2 medium whites / 1 light red)

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You're generally a trend setter aren't you? We can tell. You're tastes are hard to pin down. You like zesty, tangy white wines and but also subtle light reds. That's an uncommon mix. But that's you isn't it ...We respect that! And you like both red and whites but prefer whites over red.


Chenin Blanc
Sav Blanc
Gamay & Pinot Noir
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The subscription

You can pause, skip or cancel your subscription at any point. There is no lock-in. Simply login to your account and you can do so instantly.

Immediately following your very wise decision to click purchase, the gears of our wine room start rumbling into life. We carefully pack your selected bottles and send off your first box within two working days. The following months we send out your new box on the 15th of each month.

Every month we ask you for some quick feedback on each bottle, which we use to learn about your tastes to send you more wines you'll love. 

And because you're in the squad, we'll send you great discounts on your favourites.

Satisfaction guarantee

100% satisfaction guarantee. Never pay for a bottle you don't like. We're so confident you'll love our wines, that if you don't like one, we'll give you credit on a replacement bottle.

Additional wines

Once you subscribe to a wine box we give you a special code. You simply use this code when purchasing additional wines and it will make sure you're not charged additional shipping and it will also tell us to include the additional wines with your next monthly box.

The wines

How we choose our wines

Every month we select 10-20 new deep-batch story-wines from our favourite producers. We are completely independent, which means we only pick the bottles that we love. 

Based on your personal profile we choose the three bottles that we think you're going to love the most. 

So how do we choose the bottles? Well....

We want to drink wines that reflect the maker’s quirks; their hang-ups; their personalities. We want to share the story behind each bottle with our friends.... Where it comes from. Why it’s special. And most importantly why is tastes so delicious.

When we choose new wines, they all have to pass the following three criteria:

  1. Sensory – does it taste delicious?
  2. Emotional – is it made by people who care?
  3. Practical – does it offer exceptional value?

If it’s a yes to all three, then we’re onto a winner!

We choose wines made by the makers with the grape stained fingers, because we know they love the wines they produce.