Sommelier's 5 Wine - Cheese Pairing Case

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1 x Bottle of Dessert Wine to match Cornelius Cheese's Papillon Roquefort
The saltiness of the cheese is whipped into line by the sweetness of our Spanish dessert wine!

1 x Bottle of Chardonnay to match Cornelius Cheese's Gruyere
The luscious yet savoury flavours of Chardonnay are a great match for the creamy, nutty flavours of Gruyere.

1 x Bottle of Pinot Noir to match Cornelius Cheese's Brillat Savarin
Pinot Noir is the perfect light red to balance this soft creamy cow's milk cheese.  

1 x Bottle of Chenin Blanc to match Cornelius Cheese's Graindorge Livarot
The rich aromatics and fresh spine of acidity in Chenin Blanc work wonders with the soft yet pungent flavours of this washed rind cheese.

1 x Bottle of Australian Sparkling - Petillant Naturel to match Cornelius Cheese's Cabot Creamery Cheddar
The crisp 'bottle fermented' Petillant Natural pairs perfectly with this sharp tasting crumbly cheese.


Plus 1 x bottle of Tawny Port on-the-house
We're really not kidding when we say the salty and sweet combination is a must-try, so we're throwing in our other sweet treat to let you play around with the flavours!