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BK Syrah ‘Nouveau’ 2016

Adelaide Hills, Australia

The Adelaide Hills has for some time now been recognised as a top Australian wine region, associated not only with great produce, but also with winemakers who really want to make a difference to the industry in which they work. It’s a region of broken rules, pushed boundaries, and no pretensions, where vintners can produce the types of wines they want to drink, and experiment with the land and the vines which flourish there. One winery which has been gathering ardent fans and dedicated followers is BK Wines, which was established in 2007 by Brendan and Kirstyn Keys with the intention of making what they call ‘fabulous, envelope pushing art’. In this, they’ve been more than successful - if BK Wines was featured in a gallery, it would be alongside the minimalist masterpieces of Piet Mondrian, all clean lines, meticulous composition, and ground-breaking simplicity.

BK Wines takes full advantage of the fact that the Adelaide Hills comes with no preconceived ideas about what wine styles are expected from the region. As such, they’re given free reign to let their talents and vision guide them, and the results are nothing short of revelatory. They Keys cut their teeth in the leading wine producing regions of the New World - across New Zealand, Argentina and California, where they learned how to make the most of the fruit and achieve all the expression they require to make truly memorable wines. They source their grapes from the finest vineyards in their region, and bring them back to their little winery in Lenswood, where the magic happens and where they can cast their expert eye over what they’ve gathered.

Banjo says: The Adelaide Hills are at the centre of a vinous revolution currently, with winemakers at every turn creating delicious wines of purity, tang and verve. Our friend Brendan Keys has unleashed a beauty with his 2016 Syrah (Shiraz) Nouveau.

This is unabashedly fruit-forward, you’re-going-to-want-to-drink-me-immediately kind of gear. Dark purple, with scents of mixed-berry compote, fresh sage, rosemary and star anise. Lots of plump plum and blueberry, with a lick of black pepper. Has a svelte, elegant frame that reminds of Pinot Noir, but has carry and depth beyond. Serious if you want, but incredibly drinkable whatever you’re in the mood for.

The grape type

Shiraz in Australia is as deep and dark a red as you can get. Once you arrive at Shiraz, you have hit the end of the line in terms of power. Full bodied wines but still elegant!

Fruit flavours: Dark Fruits. Think any fruits with blue or black in the name.

Other flavours: Herbs, Liquorice, Olives, Smokey, Peppery, Earthy

The pairings

Australian Shiraz is always great fun to pair with wine. Those big, bold flavours and hefty tannins mean it can stand up to a wide range of dishes, and it handles char and spice in ways other red wines struggle to. Easy drinking, fun and noisy, Shiraz wines like this one from BK are perfect for bringing along to a barbeque, and enjoying as the sun sets over some glowing embers and smoking meats.

We’ve teamed up with the talented team at Smudge Eats to match all our wines to their delicious recipes, which they’ve compiled from the country’s top and emerging chefs.


Recipe link: Burger Theory's 2 Beef

Food matching: Red meat & BBQs

Season matching: Winter

Mood matching: Any and all!

Taste matching: Rich