Rosé - Di Majo Norante Rosato

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Di Majo Norante Rosato 2013

Molise - Italy

Banjo says: A richer, more vibrant rosé than we’ve had in the past – but don’t worry! This is still just the ticket with a plate of charcuterie or simply for sipping in the sun.

Spicy and slightly wild, with plenty of red cherry and almond flavours, it has a crunchy, juicy backbone of acidity that makes it incredibly refreshing.

All the fruit comes from an organically-run vineyard that is nearly 50 years old, from the south of Italy.

Tom says: Rosé is something of a new found amazing discovery for me. I used to think they were all sweet, so I steered clear. But I finally figured out most aren't sweet at all. And this one gets the balance between flavour and refreshing-ness just right! 

This grape type

Do you feel like having a little bit of juicy red grape flavour, but still want a refreshingly cool glass of wine?  Rosé just may be your answer. Or perhaps you are at dinner and you feel like red wine, but your partner wants white; Rosé is always a good compromise.

How is it made? Well, unlike white wine where the skins of the grapes are separate from the juice before fermentation (where yummy alcohol is made), the skins are typically kept with the juice through the fermentation process, until the desired colour and flavour is reached. But not the whole way through as is the case for red wine.

Fruit flavours: Think all things berries and cherries

Other flavours: Can be savoury or fruity, but typically refreshing

The pairings

Food matching: Pizza, Antipasto, Hot & Spicy

Season matching: Summer

Mood matching: Romantic

Taste matching: Crisp