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Spinifex Rosé 2015

Barossa Valley - South Australia

The Barossa valley stalwart, Spinifex, may be slightly more well know than our usual producers, but it’s our promise to bring you our absolute favourite and this is definitely the case with this bottle of rosé.

And although the brand is becoming more well know, the winery is still very much a small batch affair. Run by Peter Schell and Magali Gely, for have made the Barossa Valley their home for the past 20 years. And I guess you could say Magali was born to make wine… her family hails from a village near Montpellier in France and has been growing wine for more than ten generations. Peters has been trying to catch up with Magali’s inherent wine knowledge by learning from the best winemaker from New Zealand to Burgundy.

Banjo says: Peter Schell is a young legend-in-the-making in the Barossa Valley. Making wine under the Spinifex label for 15 years now, the wines just keep getting better.

This rosé is all you desire and need – crunchy fruit, tangy acidty, plenty of red fruit flavour from the ancient Grenache vines that contribute the majority of the fruit to the wine, and a thirst-slaking finish.
A gentle use of old oak barrels adds depth and interest to the middle palate, so not short of complexity either. In a word – ripper.

This grape type

Do you feel like having a little bit of juicy red grape flavour, but still want a refreshingly cool glass of wine? Rosé just may be your answer. Or perhaps you are at dinner and you feel like red wine, but your partner wants white; Rosé is always a good compromise.

How is it made? Well, unlike white wine where the skins of the grapes are separate from the juice before fermentation (where yummy alcohol is made), the skins are typically kept with the juice through the fermentation process, until the desired colour and flavour is reached. But not the whole way through as is the case for red wine.

Fruit flavours: Think all things berries and cherries

Other flavours: Can be savoury or fruity, but typically refreshing

The pairings

Food matching: Pizza, Antipasto, Hot & Spicy

Charcuterie time. Rosé is an underrated match for all you lazy Sunday afternoon antipasto sessions. The dry acidic but red wine flavours or Rosé go perfectly with the saltiness of the cured meats.

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Season matching: Summer

Mood matching: Romantic

Taste matching: Crisp