Prosecco - Umberto Luigi Domenico

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Umberto Luigi Domenico Prosecco NV

Veneto – Italy

Banjo says: The Italians have nailed fruity, delicious sparkling wines, and none more so than Prosecco. This is exemplary, with vibrant flavours of fresh green apple, ripe grapes and a lick of lemon peel. A swathe of acidity cuts through the fruit and leaves you gasping for more.

Tom says: I used to only drink Sparkling Wines at special events like weddings or graduations. But with such good value amazing quality bottles like this, it's become a regular occurrence.

The grape type

Sparkling Wine is often confined to times of celebration and general merriment. However, limiting Sparkling Wine to weddings, baby showers, 21st birthdays does this fine drink a huge disservice.

Sparkling wine has a well deserved spot at the food matching table, with its unique characteristics (such as high acidity) working extremely well with certain food types. Different types also have varied and complex flavour profiles, which are well worth exploring.

Flavours: Citrus fruits, berries, apple, nuts.

Other descriptions: Bubbly (we probably didn’t need to mention this)

The pairings

Food matching: Seafood (especially raw salty fish), Dessert

Season matching: The acidity also makes it a great thirst quenching drink on hot Summer days.

Mood matching: Celebratory or Romantic

Taste matching: Crisp