Marsanne - Crothers

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Crothers 2014

Yarra Valley - VIC

The Story

A quick look through Crothers winery’s website will unintentionally tell you all you really need to know about this small, special Yarra Valley operation. It starts with an apology on the homepage, to the fact that this isn’t a website put together by a flashy designer, and goes on to explain how its vintner, Aaron, is a ‘sommelier playing at being a winemaker’. You could read this as modesty, or inadequacy, but it really demonstrates that Crothers wine is a company run with one thing in mind: producing great and characterful wines. It isn’t a marketing company, it isn’t a brand. It’s a man making the types of wines he wants to drink and share with friends and loved ones, with as little intervention and pretentiousness as possible.

Aaron Crothers has something other wine makers would kill for - an unending sense of faith in his fruit, and in his land. He doesn’t need to sell it with fancy language and an impressive web campaign, he let’s the wine speak for itself, just as he doesn’t mess around with his fruit, and lets his grapes speak for themselves in the bottle.

Banjo says:

Aaron Crothers is a young sommelier in the Yarra Valley, with a bit of winemaking and grape growing in his blood. This is his very first wine, and what an opening.

Marsanne is originally from the Rhone Valley in France, where it produces wines of waxy, slightly oily texture and filled with peach, cream and meadow flowers.

This is a totally honest interpretation of those wines, its richness balanced on a knife edge of fine, citrussy acidity. Hints of almond and cream add intrigue, and the finish seems to last forever. Great stuff - we can’t wait to see what else Aaron can do.

The grape type
The pairings

Marsanne grapes are mostly closely associated with the Northern Rhone region of France, where you’ll find them paired with a relatively wide range of different dishes. This is essentially because Marsanne is often described as one of the most ‘food-friendly’ white grape varietals, thanks to its richness and freshness, and balanced body. It pairs very well indeed with pork dishes, and is often paired up with pork based Thai food, as it brings out the aromatic nature of the spices used there. However, Marsanne is equally at home with firm, aromatic shellfish such as lobster, and rich fish such as snapper.

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