Dry Riesling - Jamsheed Le Blanc Plonk

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Jamsheed Le Blanc Plonk 2015

King Valley -  VIC

Gary Mills’ story isn’t a typical one in the world of fine winemaking. He doesn’t come from a dynasty of vintners, he didn’t spend his youth crushing grapes in the great wineries of Europe. He does, however, have the passion, skill and dedication required to make exceptional bottles of wine, which brilliantly express the best features of the land he tends in Victoria. Mills was an English teacher, working out in Japan, and it was when he returned home to Australia he realised his future wasn’t in a classroom, but out in the fields with the vines. He got himself a job at Margaret River, and his love affair with wines and wine making was set. Before long, he was jetting out to California to study under Paul Draper, and spend a stint in Oregon before returning down under to go it alone.

Jamsheed is a great example of an independent, small winery, doing things by feel and intuition, rather than slavishly following the book. The name comes from a Persian legend of a king who discovered the healing powers of wine, and we doubt many people wouldn’t feel revived after tasting Jamsheed’s characterful bottles of single vineyard reds and whites.

Banjo says: A delicious textural blend of Gewürztraminer and Riesling, this wine is a delicious textural marvel. Slippery. slightly oily and with a pleasingly dense hint of chew on the middle palate, its feeling in the mouth is as tantalising as the fruit flavours. Yellow apple, unripe peach and plenty of grapefruit on the finish keep this dry and ultimately savoury, although filled with fun. Thanks to winemaker Gary Mills for teasing out this unusual but delicious blend.

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Riesling is one of the great grape varietals of the world, and produces white wines which are full of interesting personality and a wide range of potential flavours. Their bright, citrus flavours make them a brilliant pairing for fish dishes, while their minerality means they can go beyond this and tackle bigger flavours, too, thanks to their palate-cleansing ability. Australian Rieslings are more balanced than many of their European counterparts, and have slightly more fruit notes than stone and steel ones. As such, they go beautifully with Asian fish dishes, or anything containing lime juice and coriander.

We’ve teamed up with talented team at Smudge Eats to match all our wines to their delicious recipes, which they’ve compiled from the country’s top and emerging chefs.

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