Dinner Party

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The dreaded dinner party. The wine is always key. Will Paula (the fussy eater) be happy with this and that? And what wines will keep Bill (the pretentious partner of Sam) quiet. To make things easy, we have designed a dinner party pack, which covers all bases. 

1 x Pinot Noir - The light red is so versatile it goes with everything. A must for any dinner party.

1x Malbec - An exceptional, bold red to go with your heavier dishes. But also gives Justine a chance to talk about all the great bottles of Malbec she drank when she backpacked in Argentina a hundred years ago.

1 x Chenin Blanc - You definitely need a good white. Something that's sharp, sure to please and will impress your friends by being a little different.

1 x Sparkling - Great to either start or finish the night off, pull it out to make a toast or just to show off your cork popping abilities.

Don’t like one of two of the choices, no problem, just build your own case of any mix and match of wines. Start here.