Chardonnay - Jamsheed Madame Chard

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Jamsheed Madame Chard 2015

Yarra Valley - Victoria.

There is an ancient legend of Jamsheed, a powerful Persian King who loved eating grapes. He loved them so much he would store them in jars so he would always have some on hand. He had so many of these jars that they would often spoil (or so he thought) and then labelled poison.

One day a member of the King’s harem decided to end her life after suffering from debilitating headaches. She drank one of these jars of 'poison' which had (and you can see where this is going) fermented and become wine. Her headache was cured (at least until the next morning). She took her discovery to the King who fell in love with the new drink and winemaking was born.

Ok, this is a legend, but our Jamsheed winemaker Gary Mill started his career with a Bachelor of Literature so you can see why he chose the name. But Gary doesn’t just have a talent for stories, in ten short years, his winery has become the talk of the Yarra Valley for great quality but non-pretentious wines.

Banjo says: Gary Mills is a winemaker in his prime. Not only does he have his amazing range of single vineyard vines, but he also turns out some stunning wines blended across multiple vineyards – a real talent. This comes from a single vineyard in the Yarra Valley. It manages to be both fresh and taut, but deliver plenty of richness on the middle of your palate. It has an attractive hazelnut character mixed in with white peach and fresh lemon.

The grape type

Chardonnay, is the blonde bombshell of the wine world. Often referred to as the creamy or fruitier white wine. There are two main types of Chardonnay to consider. The first is the one aged in barrel after it is created. This type often has a stronger, more buttery flavour. Whereas the other type isn't aged in oak barrels, which generally has a crisper fruiter flavour, like pineapple or lemons.

Grown in: Burgundy, France; and South Australia or the Margaret River in Australia

Fruit flavours: Pineapple, Guava, Mango, Apple, Lemon

The pairings
This bottle of Chardonnay isn’t trying to be a Sav Blanc like so many modern varieties. It tastes like a bottle of Chardonnay should. And a proper bottle of Chardonnay should be matched with oily rich white meats and fish.

Food matching: Seafood, Cheese, Red Meat

Season matching: Winter

Mood matching: You'll know when

Taste matching: Rich