Chardonnay - Hoddle's Creek

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Hoddle's Creek Chardonnay 2015

Yarra Valley - Victoria

Founded on land that had been in the family for a couple of generations, Hoddle’s Creek winery is a great example of a rustic, Australian operation run by people with a genuine passion for making excellent wines in a good, honest, old fashioned way.Since 1997, the D’Anna family have worked their vineyards in the Upper Yarra Valley, where the cool climate and steep inclines result in beautifully balanced, soft wines full of local character and charm. Because of the nature of the land and the steepness of the valley sides, mechanical harvesting simply isn’t possible. As such, everything is done by hand, and the D’Annas can ensure only the best fruit, enriched by the healthy, fertile soil and glorious sunshine ends up in their wine.


Banjo says: The boys at Hoddle’s Creek have done it again - Anthony and Franco d’Anna consistently turn out some of the best value wines in Australia, and their 2015 Vintage is no exception. This Chardonnay comes from their immaculately tended vineyard, and ripples with powerful flavours of pink grapefruit, white peach and pear. This is backed up by a whisper of spiced ginger, and finishes long and fresh. Excellent.


The grape type

Chardonnay, is the blonde bombshell of the wine world. Often referred to as the creamy or fruitier white wine. There are two main types of Chardonnay to consider. The first is the one aged in barrel after it is created. This type often has a stronger, more buttery flavour. Whereas the other type isn't aged in oak barrels, which generally has a crisper fruiter flavour, like pineapple or lemons.

Grown in: Burgundy, France; and South Australia or the Margaret River in Australia

Fruit flavours: Pineapple, Guava, Mango, Apple, Lemon

The pairings

Chardonnay wines are a great match for many different foods, but work best when drank on a sunny day with a rich fish dish, accompanied by a crisp, fresh salad, or with fine white meats like veal.

Food matching: Seafood, Cheese, Red Meat

Season matching: Winter

Mood matching: You'll know when

Taste matching: Rich