Chardonnay - Crazy by Nature

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Crazy By Nature 2013

Gisborne – New Zealand.

Why crazy you ask? ...Well when they started this winery in 1984 they were told that they must be crazy to attempt to grow their grapes organically. But that's exactly what they did and the whole world seems to be following suit. If the name is a tribute to the naysayers, then the finished product is the icing on the cake. 

This bottle perfectly balances the freshness of coastal cool weather grown grapes with the fruit forward aromas of peach and acacia flowers. Add to mix subtle oak flavours and you have a superb example new era Chardonnay.

Banjo says: Millton Winery were the first to have their vineyards certified as biodynamically managed in the southern hemisphere, making them trailblazers for this particular approach to viticulture. The wine is rich in flavours of peach, pear and vanilla, but is fresh and vibrant due to a slight salty tang to the acidity. Bright but comforting, this is classic Chardonnay with buckets of class.

The grape type

Chardonnay, is the blonde bombshell of the wine world. Often referred to as the creamy or fruitier white wine. There are two main types of Chardonnay to consider. The first is the one aged in barrel after it is created. This type often has a stronger, more buttery flavour. Whereas the other type isn't aged in oak barrels, which generally has a crisper fruiter flavour, like pineapple or lemons.

Grown in: Burgundy, France; and South Australia or the Margaret River in Australia

Fruit flavours: Pineapple, Guava, Mango, Apple, Lemon

The pairings

Food matching: Seafood, Cheese, Red Meat

Season matching: Winter

Mood matching: You'll know when

Taste matching: Rich