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BK Car Bomb Chardonnay 2016

Adelaide Hills, South Australia

If you want to know what the quality Australian viticulture scene looks like from the point of view of the new generation of wine drinkers, then look no further than BK Wines. They present themselves as the rebel face of the wine world, as proud outsiders, whose social media savvy, bold branding and line of starkly designed merchandise are gaining them new fans every day. However, this isn’t a case of style over substance - Brendan and Kirsty Keys, who set up BK in 2007, have a passion for wine and great produce that can’t be faked.

The Keys’ fascination for great winemaking was inspired by their travels to the New World’s best wine regions; they scoured New Zealand, California and Argentina to pick up techniques which they knew one day they’d put into practice. Upon returning to their native Australia, they felt sure their vision would be best realised in the Adelaide Hills, a region which has nonconformity at its heart, and one where there are few preconceived ideas of what wine should be. In their single vineyard, they grow a variety of different grapes, and use a minimalist, open-minded approach which allows the fruit to do the talking. The couple use a range of traditional and alternative techniques to get the most from their grapes - flexibility and innovation are the key features the winery wants to explore - and their bottles have begun to catch the attention of the wider wine world and pick up accolades and praise.

Banjo says: Brendan Keys (BK) is a friend of The Wine Gallery, but not in a kind of nepotistic sense. He just makes brilliant wine that is full of flavour, and we love to show it off to you!

This is a new release from him, a single vineyard Chardonnay made with an old fashioned bent. The nose smells of honeysuckle and wheat flour, then moves to a rich palate full of intense honeycomb and yellow peach flavours, all fashioned around a soft, pillowy texture.

It smells unmistakably Chardonnay like, but has a rare succulence and touch of salinity that keeps it fresh and more-ish.

The grape type

Chardonnay, is the blonde bombshell of the wine world. Often referred to as the creamy or fruitier white wine. There are two main types of Chardonnay to consider. The first is the one aged in barrel after it is created. This type often has a stronger, more buttery flavour. Whereas the other type isn't aged in oak barrels, which generally has a crisper fruiter flavour, like pineapple or lemons.

Grown in: Burgundy, France; and South Australia or the Margaret River in Australia

Fruit flavours: Pineapple, Guava, Mango, Apple, Lemon

The pairings

This is a rich, plush and rounded Chardonnay, packed full of fresh flavours and deep floral notes. Chardonnays like this one from BK deserve a richly-flavoured dish to pair with, and something which suits the varied and fascinating aspects of the wine. I’d pair this Chardonnay with a great risotto - the creaminess of the arborio rice and the tanginess of the cheese would fit beautifully. It would also go great with autumn vegetables like squash and pumpkin, as well as the earthiness of some mushrooms.

We’ve teamed up with the talented team at Smudge Eats to match all our wines to their delicious recipes, which they’ve compiled from the country’s top and emerging chefs.

Recipe link: Pine Mushroom Porcini Risotto

Food matching: Seafood, Cheese, Red Meat

Season matching: Winter

Mood matching: You'll know when

Taste matching: Rich