BYO Restaurant Date Night Reserve

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The point of this selection is to make sure you have a bottle on hand for those times when you are just dashing off to a favourite, local or casual BYO restaurant.

1 x Viognier - To cover all your favourite non-spicy Asian or ethnic places. Wouldn’t be out of place with Dumplings, Jiros, Indian or Mexican. 

1 x Off Dry Riesling - You know the place where every time you tell yourself, you won’t order that favourite spicy dish because you can’t handle the heat, but you love it so much that you can’t help yourself. That’s what Off Dry Riesling is for. Think Authentic Northern Thai food.

1 x Sangiovese - For your favourite local Italian or pizza place. A match so good that nothing else needs to be said.

1 x Grenache - A little extra herbs and spices for when you are heading to that casual tapas or even gourmet burger joint. 

1 x Sparkling Wine - To cover all other basis. Also perfect for your local Japanese place.  It can cut through the heavier or oiler dishes, as well as provides the great balance for fresh sashimi. Warning: if popping the cork in a restaurant you may need to alert your date that you aren’t proposing.

Don’t like one of two of the choices, no problem, just build your own case of any mix and match of wines. Start here.