Blanc Grenache - Fontanet Blanc

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Fontanet Blanc

Languedoc, France

The Fontanet winery is named after the small town in the South of France near where it resides and has started to develop a reputation as the new world winemakers of the old world. It has embraced modern winemaking (a lot of which were pioneered right here in Australia) where most of their French brother and sister wineries continue to keep their tight grip on tradition. What do we think about it? ...That they are doing a superb job of balancing the old and the new, which is obvious in their delicious creations!

Banjo says: The south of France is a giant melting pot for a number of grape varieties, and produces some incredibly lively blends that deserve more attention. The Fontanet Blanc is one such wine - a style of wine that we don’t see very often in Australia, where Chardonnay tends to grab all the headlines for the richer whites. Here, a blend of Grenache Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Colombard. Unfamiliar? Don’t worry…Colombard especially is rarely seen on its own these days. It gives a lovely waxy note and some gentle lemon flavours. Grenache Blanc is the white cousin of Grenache, and provides richness and texture, with zesty acidity being added by the Sauvignon. The result - a rich, warming, winter white that still has a clean backbone of acidity.    

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White blended wines from this part of France tend to be beautifully floral, thanks to grape varietals such as Viognier which are often found in the blend. These wines are all about balance and complexity, bouquet and stunning flavours, and as such, are a lot of fun to pair with a wide range of foods. Sometimes it is best to stick with classic dishes from the region, and white blends such as this one pair beautifully with duck - particularly roasted duck, where the acidity of the wine cuts through the fats, and the floral nature of the wine compliments the herbs and spices rubbed into the skin. However, if you want to move away from French cuisine and look elsewhere in the world, I’d recommend trying this wine with Thai food, especially coconut based curries and dishes like chicken coconut soup.

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Recipe link: Balmain Bug Duck Leg Confit Smoked Duck Breast

Food matching: Seafood, Cheese, Red Meat

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