Australian Sparkling - BK Petillant Naturel

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BK Petillant Naturel 2015

Adelaide Hills - South Australia

Banjo says: BK is winemaker Brendon Keys, a New Zealander now living in the Adelaide Hills. He makes a great range of incredibly drinkable wines, but perhaps none more so than this sparkling wine.

It's made solely from Chardonnay and bottled whilst still fermenting, completing it in bottle. This results in a lightly carbonated mouthful of deliciousness, but also a small amount of lees (just a fancy word for exhausted yeast) in the bottom of the bottle – don’t worry, they’ll dissolve into the wine upon opening!

The wine tastes of apples, lemonade, grapefruit and buttered bread…and of Summer. Enjoy!

Sparkling wines

A quick note on Sparkling Wines

There are 4 ways to make sparkling wine! Most champagne is made via methode traditionelle or methode champenoise. This involves fermenting the wine, aging on the yeast in the bottle and then starting a second fermentation in the bottle by adding sugar. It takes time but yields great results.

Then there’s an easier way called the Charmat Method. Here the second ferment is done in bulk in big steel tanks, rather than bottle by bottle. Much quicker!

For the crappy stuff there’s simple carbonation – just injecting gas into still wine.

Finally, and probably the purest way, is to start the ferment in tank, then finish that same fermentation in the bottle (a bit like some beers) – this is called Methode Ancestrale or Petillant Naturel.