'We take the mystery out of choosing great quality wine'

Let us take you back to your childhood…. Do you remember the ordeal you had to go through when you wanted to listen to a specific song on demand? You probably had to sit by your cassette deck and hit record, or maybe run down to the store and buy the whole album.

Fast-forward a decade or two, and we have Spotify and you can play every song ever written at the click of a button. They have about 30 million songs. If you listened to every song one after the other from the day you were born, you would only get through about 30% of them before you died. That’s a lot of music.

But that’s the best part about it, every week the Spotify elves look at what songs you listened to and create a fresh playlist of songs they know you’ll like.

You know what else there’s a lot of? Yep, you guessed it: wine. There are about 25,000 bottles for sale in the world right now. If you had a bottle every day since the day you were born, you would try just about every bottle currently on the shelves. Sounds like a lot of fun… It’s our mission to curate personalised playlists of great quality bottles.

Let us wade through this ocean of wine, so you only get the best bottles to match your tastes. Think of us as your secret wine adviser.


 How this works

Australia's first fully personalised wine subscriptions

Wine Subscription

Start your wine exploring journey by taking our wine palate quiz. This gives us a baseline for your wine preference. Place your order and we will ship your first box within two working days. All other boxes will be shipped off on the 15th of each month.

We include tasting notes, food pairings and the story behind each wine, as well as a wine-tasting note book for you to record all your yummy wine adventures.

After every box we will email you asking what you thought of the wines. This helps us learn more about your tastes so that next month we can send you a box we think you will like even more.

Pause, skip or cancel your subscription at anytime.

Wine shop

Our wine shop contains all of the current month's 'top tracks' wines. If at any time you need a top up, you can head to our wine shop and place a one-off order. 

Our wine shop is open to all customers. However our wine box subscribers get sent special offers and discounts for the shop.

If you would like to add any additional bottles to you monthly box, simply add them to your cart and check out as usual, entering your personal subscriber code and we will be sure to include them with your next monthly box.

Wine gifts

We have three options. Gift cards, gift boxes and gift subscriptions. All gift orders come with individual bottle gift wrapping and you can include a personal note.

Alternatively, order through the shop as usual and include the recipients details in the delivery section on checkout.



‘Deep-batch story-wines’

The way we see it, wine can be split into two camps. There are Factory Wines: The generic mass-produced stuff, typically found in your chain bottle-shops. And there are Story Wines: Those made by the smaller, often family-owned wineries.

We want to drink wines that reflect the maker’s quirks and personality.We want to share the story behind each bottle with our friends. Where it comes from. Why it’s special. And most importantly, why it tastes so delicious.

We want to drink wines made by someone who cares about the quality of the soil that those grapes were grown in. Someone who actually loves wine like I do and wants it to taste delicious!

And we want the same for you. So it’s our promise to only select the Story Wines here at The Wine Gallery.

We are completely independent, which means we only pick the bottles that we love. 

'Deep cuts’ is a term used in the music industry to describe great but overlooked songs typically found on the B-sides of albums. We find the ‘deep batch’ wines for you. The wines that you’re not going to find in your local bottle shop. The great-quality wines that reflect the quirks and stories of their skilful makers.  



Surry Hills, Sydney.

I looked up at the never-ending wall of wines in front of me. There must have been more than 1000 bottles. My hands were starting to sweat. I peeked over my shoulder at the pimply kid behind the counter. He wasn’t going to be any help…

Ten minutes earlier I‘d left my date at a BYO Thai restaurant down the street, promising I’d be back in a flash with an awesome bottle of wine. A first date without any booze wasn’t my idea of a good time.

So back in the bottle-shop, I gazed up at the wine wall. I didn’t even know where to start looking. It was time to play 'wine roulette', pick a random bottle and hope for the best… 

My name is Tom (that's me on the right with a baguette), and about five years after this awkward date, I founded The Wine Gallery with the goal to make it your secret wine adviser.


Early 2014. Fontainebleau

I decided I’d had enough of the corporate life, so I quit my job and headed to France to live and study for a bit. Over there I was blown away by the relationship many of my French friends had with food and wine. They seemed to know what went with what intuitively. Many of them had grown up pairing food and wine. 

Their knowledge inspired me to learn more about wine and I began reading a couple of blogs. And you know what? I figured out very quickly that it wasn’t rocket science. It was actually a lot of fun. It wasn’t wine’s fault that I found it intimidating, it was the industry’s.

Something was missing…


Meanwhile in Melbourne….

Banjo Harris Plane had come to a similar conclusion about the wine industry, but from a completely different angle. He had always been around wine and food, having been raised among the vineyards of South Australia by restaurateur parents.

But he didn’t just grow up with wine, he had a natural talent for tasting it (I know, pretty lucky, right? I, on the other hand, have a natural talent for drinking it). When it came time to choose a profession, it was an easy choice for Banjo. He studied wine and wine journalism at home and abroad, then went on to work as head sommelier (aka chief wine and food pairing expert) at some of Australia’s best restaurants… and I mean best (Attica, Quay, Bentley, Est. anyone?).

Working around wine and food all his life, Banjo gained a unique perspective into the smoke, mirrors, confusion, misinformation, intimidation and bravado that can be an everyday occurrence in the wine industry. He too saw the opportunity for a simpler, less intimidating way forward.

Banjo’s Wine credentials

2013 - Australian Sommelier of the Year - Gourmet Traveller.
2014 - Best Sommelier of Australia - Australian Sommeliers Association, Marc and Eva Besen Trophy.
2015 - Sommelier of The Year - The Age Good Food Guide.
2016 - Representing Australia at the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale championship for Best Sommelier in the World

That's Banjo with his nose in a glass.


Late 2014.

When I got back to Australia, a friend put us in touch

We caught up for a beer (nope, not wine – long story for another time!) and we hit it off straightaway, talking for ages about what we could do to make choosing great wine easier. 

We decided to launch a wine store with the simple mission: To make sure its customers are always drinking great wine, no matter how much or how little they know about it.


That's pretty much it. You read all the way to the end. Congratulations!

Here's a picture of a 'wine cheers' to celebrate.